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The production process and key pipeline optimization
Issues the time:2014-4-26 Views:1737 Times
How to optimize the production line?
The operation time of 1 Optimization of production line of the first station, and how long a piece of board, which is needed to meet the production schedule amount of input cycle time. But in fact, the bottleneck station operation time must be greater than the first station, the first station is not the bottleneck station, so the first station may not fully in accordance with the requirements of cycle time to input, because the bottleneck station has slowed his pace, so the management point of view, be sure to ask the first station operators in accordance with the provisions of the speed input. The conveyor belt speed can also calculate inversely the daily output, below the belt speed formula:
Pitch transportation time = all day with work time / output * (1+ defect rate)
Conveyor speed = mark distance / belt conveyor of pitch time
The so-called mark in the distance, the distance between the belt line mark, the mark through the speed according to want to finish the homework and placed in the belt line; but the oil line did not mark, on board as a mark length distance. Why use conveyor belt? In addition to the delivery of goods, and semi coercive operators according to the plan to finish the homework function, but not blindly up to have a try, but should be in accordance with the above formula to calculate.
2 see which station is the bottleneck station:
1 always busy station;
2 always will pull back the station;
3 from the beginning of the station, originally oneby one board, the middle interval.
The above three points is the visual can be aware of, again is with a stopwatch, operation time is the longest of all station.
The bottleneck station operation time becomes the actual output of the whole line of cycle time, and production formula is as follows:
Output = real day of work time / cycle time
The cadre as long as to reduce the operation time, can significantly enhance the yield, such as the parts get some to don't stand to do, tooling used to save action, improve the working domain configuration etc.. But in solving the bottleneck station after station, there may be new bottleneck, so this station bottleneck and new improvement, therefore continued to stare at the bottleneck station improvement, the whole line will enhance the efficiency of the day.
3 observation of cycle time last station receiving board, which is the actual output of cycle time, this station cycle time will equal to the bottleneck station. From this station can figure out how to efficiency of this line, the formula is as follows:
Efficiency = input operation time cycle time / time / cycle real time = the first leg of the last station
Of course, the operation time can be used to calculate the bottleneck station, but to observe the last station is always simple, practical.
The number in the online is equal to:
(operation time operation time - the last leg of the first station) * (day time / last station operation time)
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