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Environmental testing equipment
Thermal shock test box
Constant temperature and humidity test chamber
Salt fog test box
High and low temperature series
Non-standard automation equipment
Powder compressor
Printer roller production line
Printer drum flatness detection machine
The precise drying equipment
High precision landing type drying furnace
Crease resistant quick drying furnace garment
Electroplating peripheral equipment
Surface treatment equipment
Waste gas purification
C type tunnel type spray washing machine
Chain type UV light solid machine
Fuel tank
Turnover of PVC
The super capacitor / lithium battery exclusive equipment
Electric trolley
Electrode dragged into the pressing machine core
Electrode dragged into the core assembly machine
Induction heating machine
About Kewei
     Dongguan Kewei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the surface treatment equipment, environmental test equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, design, machine processing of environmental protection equipment development, manufacturing, installation, sales and service in the integration with the international competitiveness of modern high-tech enterprises, the company is located in Changping town of Dongguan City, close to Hu Gang Changping high-speed train station road, traffic is very fast, and has offices in Shanghai and Shandong, providing convenient service for customers. Production equipment: application in automobile manufacturing industry, electronic information industry, motorcycle, aluminum profile, furniture, toys, household appliances, cookware, sports goods, hardware and plastic industry. As the company adhere to the ISO9001 quality system management mode of enterprise, and continuously improve product quality, enhance product quality, strengthen customer service efforts, enhance customer confidence and satisfaction, establish a good corporate image. We always adhere to the "integrity, passion, responsibility, perfect, innovation, development" for the purpose and the development of enterprises, in the industry become an independent school, become a model for many enterprises.
● adhere to the high occupation morality
We have the whole world in view of market, internationalization
The customers are our partners
● quality is our work and service principles
● encourage innovation in various aspects, to ensure that the height of the vitality of enterprises
● create a challenging work environment is fun
● establishing open management mode
● both employees welfare rights, to serve the society
Commitment: execute 24 hours of service to the user. User last thing we have to think, the customer does not want to do things we do, users of "division" mechanical equipment quality, service, reputation not to move or retreat
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