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In 2014 the instrument development trend analysis
Issues the time:2014-4-26 Views:1769 Times
Statistical data from several large e-commerce platform can be seen: the detection equipment, optical instruments, electric energy meter, a variable resistor, driver, filter, heat exchanger, monitors and other types of products, market share accounted for a large proportion of. At present, our instrument applied everywhere, the market also increased gradually to the instrumentation industry demand.
Looking back on the road in 2013 the instrumentation industry in china. In 2013, is an unusual year, industry of our country instrument of survival in the face of the European debt crisis, the economic downturn of the America perplexing in the international environment, the way the wind and rain, there is sadness and happiness. The rapid development in science and technology today, we should see the great achievements of instrumentation industry in our country has made, still be aware of the various problems of its own.
Chinese Federation of machinery industry, machinery industry prosperity monitoring center statistics according to that, due to the national urban and rural power grid renovation pulling, a series of changes are taking place in the domestic electrical instrument market. The domestic market demand analysis and application of electrical instrumentation products of very wide range, the power sector is one of the biggest users of electrical instrumentation products. Analysis report from the electric power supplies department pointed out: at present, the electrical energy measurement instruments and systems, the user needs to 86 series induction watt hour meter, electronic energy meter is mainly single phase demand is expected to be a big rise in space.
The market demand for precision meter will tend to shrink, the demand will also reduce the portable meter. The product requirements mainly concentrated in the instrument appearance, structure design, expanding the field of application, improve the reliability. Key digital instrument development is to improve the reliability of.
Prediction of demand and price trend at present electrical instrumentation products and domestic production capacity has been a serious surplus, the whole industry is in low profit status. But some high-tech products such as electronic energy meter and the price than the older products have obvious competitive advantage.
The data suggest that, over the next few years the domestic market the annual demand for electrical instrumentation products will be maintained at about 60000000 sets. The electricity sector needs 54000000 sets, 6000000 sets of other departments need to. Look at the meter product demand 48000000 units from the product structure, installed electric meter product demand is 7000000 sets, 2500000 sets of portable meter demand, digital instrument needs 1500000, other instrumentation requirements 1000000. All products are in demand structure change? Power electronic energy meter in meter products will gradually increase the proportion, from the "2000000 fifteen" early to late is expected to reach 12000000 units. Installed electric meter, the technical content meter, portable digital instrument will also increase, the level of products continuously upgrade. Therefore, although in recent years the annual demand of products won't have too big change, but the total sales volume has been increasing, the expected annual growth rate of 8%. By the end of 2013, the overall quality of China made products or to be sure, China's independent research and development of products have reached the international level in terms of performance and functionality. But in some reliability of products, a mishap but still domestic instrument in the development of the industry, it has become one of the obstacles to solve domestic instrument.
Outlook 2013, we have a long way to go, should constantly strive to, need to continue in the domestic product reliability, applicability and performance increase. I believe that as long as the correct leadership of our party's international competitiveness through unremitting efforts, China made instrumentation we will have stronger.
With the domestic Scientific Outlook on Development gradually thorough, the state for the research and development of new energy and renewable energy utilization gradually put on the agenda, improved domestic oil and gas resources are familiar with life in shale gas, coal seam gas and other traditional, has begun to change a shortcut to promote the development of high technology content of oil and gas logging instrument in China the. At the same time, have a larger space for development in the domestic market on the embedded integrated production management control system is gradually warming.
At present, a national energy conference report, need of energy system in China's development to further research on new energy and renewable energy, and cooperate fully with the development to guide the domestic hydropower, and photovoltaic industries etc..
With the further adjustment of economic structure, brings opportunities for the development of national energy conference report instruments of China related industries. Instrument industry at present new changes.
Although the instrumentation industry in our country has achieved rapid development, but in the automation control system and instrument and key precision testing instrument and other fields, we and the international advanced level there is a big gap, in the high-end equipment mainly rely on imports of the situation has not been changed. Therefore, the objective in the future development of instrumentation industry in China is: to overtake, leading, world-class level.
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