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The domestic construction machinery industry calls for restrictions on second-hand machinery and equipment import
Issues the time:2014-4-26 Views:4378 Times
In April 18th, the world's largest industrial auction companies Ritchie Bros. auctioneers held in Beijing in the first Chinese no reserve auction will.
One of the participants in the auction industry sources, consignment Leigh received from around the world, including the 2010 KATO (Kato) HD820V type hydraulic excavator, in 2009 the production of Carter type 320D-E hydraulic excavator, these foreign second-hand machinery in the auction are take.
The reporter interviewed a number of the industry have expressed, Chinese engineering machinery industry has entered the era of low growth, to inventory and the problem of excess production capacity gradually, if at this time on the import of second-hand construction machinery market without any restrictions and supervision, domestic brands may be affected.
The impact of imports and domestic market
Unlike the fragmented body after operation of domestic imports of second-hand machinery, Lee brothers as the world's largest industrial auction companies, with offices in 25 countries all over the world. The personage inside course of study thinks, Eli's global platform and leverage, with its China business spread out, means that the second-hand equipment into the domestic there will be more in the world of the future.
Have to say, Li's arrival a sensitive time node stepped in. Due to the macro economic growth and a decline in the real estate regulation, the domestic construction machinery industry is entering winter.
In fact, since this year, about whether it should be severely restricted imports of second-hand machinery has occurred many times in the Chinese dispute. Including Sany ZOOMLION Sunward Intelligent Liugong data show that in 2012 the whole industry, in addition to concrete machinery to achieve positive growth, excavator sales fell 35%, 29.7% decline in crane loader, bulldozer fell 35%, technical standard.
A number of engineering machinery enterprise reporter interviewed said, in addition to enterprise product innovation and quality improvement through their own second-hand machinery import extrusion market space, also hope that the relevant national measures to limit the import.
Chinese Engineering Machinery Industry Association suzimeng secretary-general has on several occasions, "the state should be adjusted to the second-hand construction machinery import management policies, especially the manufacturing life for more than 5 years, emissions serious exceed the standard, the energy consumption is too large, the import of second-hand equipment hidden safety problems should be strictly controlled."
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