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What companies need to buy custom non-standard automation equipment?
Issues the time:2014-4-26 Views:1570 Times
What companies need to buy custom non-standard automation equipment? In answering this question, we first understand what is "non-standard automation equipment".
Non-standard automation equipment is defined, non standard equipment, not in accordance with the unified national industry standards and specifications, manufacturing equipment, but according to their own requirements, design and manufacture their own equipment. The equipment and the appearance or performance is not in the national equipment products within the directory. Non-standard automation equipment according to the degree of automation can be divided into all non-standard automation equipment and non-standard automation equipment. Non-standard automation equipment physics is a mechanical production equipment, the concept of it is a series of specific action, it according to the production environment, production, production and special custom, so even if the same type as a function of non-standard equipment, the size and shape of it are not the same.
The development of the industry, all walks of life demand for workers is greatly improved. In the manufacturing sector, labor - intensive enterprises wages is a large expenditure, and the sharp rise in the cost of. In the premise of ensuring product quality, we want to make cheaper products. The only way is to reduce the production cost, improve production efficiency. Manual operation speed is limited. No matter what position, what kind of products. We do not rule out by machine may. While the workers wages are only rise not to fall (determined by the labor law), and each month have to pay the costs, and increased with prolonging the working years.
So, to return to the question itself, what enterprises need to use non-standard automation equipment?
One, the need to reduce the labor cost of enterprises.
Along with the social material, spiritual life continued to improve, higher requirements on the material and spiritual life of workers, the wage levels of workers showed a rising trend year by year. More serious is, along with the development of cities and towns across the country, the economic development gap between the East and the west gradually closer to the eastern coastal areas, the original workers will gradually dispersed, plant hire more and more difficult, in order to retain workers, have to pay higher wages. For this type of enterprises, non-standard automation equipment, can effectively solve the problem for the high cost of enterprise workers. Non-standard automation equipment can do 24 hours uninterrupted production, enterprises need most of the work of training minority manage these non-standard equipment can complete the production, so as to solve the dependence on the number of workers from the fundamental.
Two, the need to improve the production efficiency of enterprises.
For enterprises in a rapid speed of development source power, production efficiency is the enterprise, is the guarantee of brand, production orders completed on time delivery to the customer will bring more orders, so the good circulation. In order to achieve a better vision, enterprises need to improve the equipment used in manufacturing, especially the non-standard automation equipment, the production experience of continuous accumulation and optimization, the non-standard automation equipment into a particular time-consuming production manpower, let the non automatic completion of standard equipment, will greatly improve the production efficiency.
Three, the need to improve the quality of production enterprises.
Product quality is the foundation of this enterprise, is the guarantee of brand. The traditional production and product quality is determined by the degree of skilled workers in production process, tools of production decision, workers due to personal development and emotional factors, greater mobility, therefore, the quality of workers is uneven, so the result is the product defective rate is low, is not conducive to the interests of enterprises to maximize. And non-standard automation equipment is the concept of crystallization production experience, it can accurately complete the action of production, to ensure product quality, reduce waste, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.
Finally, non-standard automation equipment is no fixed form, it is a synonym for any industry, flexible, as long as you have the need, want to put the production experience crystallized into a non-standard automation equipment, please contact the Dongguan Department of mechanical equipment Co. Ltd. immediately, we attentively will help you realize the dream, and look forward to your cooperation the!
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